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Japanese Cooking Lessons

The Year 13 CP students involved themselves in a lesson of Japanese cooking this term.
The students made Soba noodles and Chicken Noodle Soup with great help and assistance by Sensei Myers.

The experience was enjoyed by all students. All students said they would definitely like to try it again and it will be a university food for the future, due to how easy it is to make at home.

When asked for their opinions on the experience, students shared positive feedback such as "it was nice to explore a different culture," "I found it very culturally enriching," and "It was great fun." Regarding their thoughts on the food they prepared, the general consensus was very positive, with comments like "I ate a lot!!," "it was sooooooo scrummy!" and "The food was very nice, and I will be trying to make it at home."
As a whole, the experience was very enjoyable, not only to experience the culture and food of Japan but also to take a break from the rigorous studies in the school’s sixth-form. 
Written by Rowan, Rosshana and Leevi

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