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IBCP (Careers-related Programme)

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The IBCP (Career-related programme) is an ideal course for students who want to follow a vocational, career-related pathway whilst also benefiting from the breadth and academic principles of the IB curriculum. IBCP students choose to study a well-established vocational course in either Business, Design Engineering, Health and Social Care or Sport and Exercise. In addition, alongside their vocational subject students will study a minimum of two Standard-level IB Diploma subjects up to a maximum of two Higher level and one Standard level subject.

Vocational choices for 2024 include the following:

BTEC Business provides a sound understanding of the business economy and the organisations and systems within it.  In addition, students study Personal and Business Finance, learn how to apply marketing theory to developing bespoke marketing campaigns, and also develop skills in how to use this knowledge to their best advantage in recruitment and selection processes.   A BTEC qualification in Business is a well-recognised and highly effective pathway to university, the world of work, and also apprenticeships.

Design Engineering
Our curriculum recognises design as an essential creative element of Design Engineering. It combines imagination and creativity with the knowledge and application of technical and scientific knowledge and the skilful use of materials. We provide workplace experience and develop the transferable skills of communication (oral and written), teamwork and problem-solving valued by employers and higher education alike. We aim to prepare our students for the workforce, or continued studies at university.

Health and Social Care
Health and Social Care students grow to understand the complexity of being human. In learning about the difficulties and challenges faced by others, they discover more about themselves and role they might play in making a difference. Students apply their skills and knowledge to learn how health and social care professionals offer appropriate care and support and build positive relationships to meet the needs of a variety of service-users.


Sports Science 
The Sport Science course has been designed in association with a number of universities to create a well-balanced programme of study to equip you for higher education or to move directly into a career within the sports industry. Each of the eight units of study will challenge you in different ways, giving you exposure to scenarios and experiences that will support their development. This ranges from the biomechanics of sport and exercise through to sociology and how to collect valid and reliable data.


What subjects make up the IBCP?

You will chose a career-related subject and some IB diploma subjects that will compliment it, providing you with a well rounded education.

This combination of subjects will prepare you for university, apprenticeships or employment.

What are career-related subjects?

Career-related subjects are traditionally called vocational subjects in England, our students study from the BTEC Nationals, Cambridge Technicals and AQA Technical exam boards.

Why do I study DP subjects?

Maintaining academic study will maintain academic rigour that is important for continuing learning and reflection as well as providing the opportunity to go to university if you want to.

What is the IBCP Core?

The IBCP Core is made up of the following elements:

  • Personal and professional skills - This is developed by Dane Court to ensure the development of students study and employability skills.
  • Service learning - Students plan and deliver a project to solve a social issue in the local community.
  • Language development - Students engage on a course of cultural enrichment, this includes learning language and investigating cultural practices.

Is work experience available to me as part of the IBCP?

All students who study on the IBCP have one week of work experience.

You are interviewed and matched with a quality work experience placement that provides you with tasks and responsibilities that reflect your career-related learning.

We are the only school in East Kent to offer this experience as part of sixth form life.

Can I go to university if I follow the IBCP pathway?

Yes, we have many students who go to university with the IBCP, including Russell Group. We ensure that students are on a programme of study that supports this option.


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