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Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) club

Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) club is a delightful experience in which a group of year 12 students arranged and displayed a variety of flowers and foliage in creative and satisfying ways.


After Ms Myers taught us the basic rules and methods to arrange the flowers, we all individually made our own arrangement. The flowers proved to be beautiful displays of harmony and peace; not only were they incredible to look at but also were calming to make.

Tia mentioned, "I’d never thought I’d particularly enjoy flower arrangement, however Ikebana was so different to typical European arrangements. I found myself really thinking about how to arrange the petals and stems. The club atmosphere was so quiet and secure; it was really a safe place to experiment with something new and enjoy it. I’ve just bought my own Ikebana supplies to practice at home!"

Miss Bowen who also attended the club commented, "how lucky we are to have access to this wonderful practice, thank you Ms Myers for your time and knowledge and patience. I have been doing this at home with my 6 year old and have bought my own Ikebana tools.”

This club was a great way to end the week and helped relieve the stress of school work.
ありがとう(arigatou: Thank you in Japanese)

Dylan (year 12)

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