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Frequently asked questions

What should I do if my child is ill?

We know that sometimes our students cannot attend school due to illness and in those circumstances remaining absent from school is the right thing for them and the rest of our school community. Medical advice, however, is clear that children with mild illnesses will often be well enough to attend, for example if they have a cough or a cold. We encourage our parents to check the NHS guidance to help decide if your child is well enough to attend school.

If you decide that your child is too unwell to attend school please contact the school/Attendance Officer before 9am. You can call 01843 864941 and choose option 1 if your child is in Years 7-11 or option 2 if your child is in the Sixth Form. You should call each day that your child is absent, clearly stating the reason for the absence and a short description of their symptoms. In the unlikely event that your child is absent from school and we have not been notified of the reason we will send a text message and email in the first instance and follow this up with a telephone call in the afternoon if we have not had a reply. A reply is required stating the reason for absence to enable the attendance records to be updated. If no reply is received the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

If your child is absent from school for longer than 5 days, due to illness, you will be asked to provide medical evidence to support their absence. You may also be asked to provide medical evidence if your child's absence drops below an acceptable level.

If your child has been prescribed medication by a medical professional and they are well enough to return to school they can continue to take the medication at school if this is handed in to the school office. You will need to complete a form to facilitate this.

We know that parents and carers worry about their children's mental health. Rather than keeping your child off, let us know about your concerns so that we can work together to support your child. If you are concerned about your child's wellbeing, please see the resources on the parent resource page.

Please think carefully before allowing your child to stay at home. At 90% attendance a student is missing one day per fortnight which is a significant loss of learning hours. A child who is clearly too ill to attend school should be kept at home but days off should not become habitual. If you are worried that this might be becoming the case please reach out for support.

What types of medical evidence should I provide?

If you have been asked to provide medical evidence to support your child's absence any of the following will be accepted:

  • a doctor's note OR
  • a note from the GP's receptionist on headed paper with the name and time of the appointment OR
  • a prescription label that clearly shows your child's name and date OR
  • an appointment card including name and date OR
  • an appointment text notification (a screenshot of the text can be emailed to the school) OR
  • an admission/discharge letter from a hospital including name and date

What should I do if my child has a medical appointment during school hours?

Whilst we appreciate that medical appointments do arise we suggest that, whenever possible, these are arranged for out of school hours or at the very beginning/end of the school day so that they have as little impact as possible on your child's school day. All appointments must be notified to the Attendance Officer in advance so that the information can be put on your child's register and the relevant staff are made aware. Please provide evidence of appointments.  

What should I do if I would like to take my child on holiday during term time?

Holidays during term time will not be authorised. We would ask that parents notify us if they have booked a holiday during term time using this Leave of Absence Form. Please complete this form at least three weeks prior to the start of the absence. This request will be passed to the Headteacher and you will be contacted by the Attendance Officer with the Headteacher's response. If there are exceptional circumstances the Headteacher may agree to authorise the absence. Please be aware that taking unauthorised leave during term time may result in a fine. Please see the Attendance Policy for more information on this.

What if my child is going to be absent from school for a reason other than those described above?

If you anticipate your child being absent for any other reason (e.g. religious observance, external exams, funeral etc) please email or call 01843 864941 selecting option 0 to contact the Attendance Officer who will advise you on what evidence is needed to support your child's absence.

Please note that reasons for absence that will not normally be authorised include:

  • to mind the house
  • to look after siblings
  • to go shopping
  • to celebrate a birthday
  • to pick up or drop off at the airport
  • sleeping in (please see section on punctuality)
  • if another child in the household is ill
  • problems with school uniform (if this is the case please contact the school office for assistance with uniform)
  • because it is the end of the week or term
  • due to adverse weather conditions when the school remains open

What if my child is late for school?

Students are expected to arrive in their first class by 8.40am. If a student arrives late it is disruptive to the class and means that they miss the teacher's instructions and introduction to the lesson. Entering the classroom late can also cause embarrassment for the student themselves.

The school pedestrian gate opens at 8.00am so students can arrive in plenty of time to get to their lockers etc before classes start at 8.40am. Once the pedestrian gates are closed any student arriving at school will have to press the intercom buzzer, which is to the right of the gate, so that the office can let them through.

Frequent lateness can soon add up to a considerable amount of learning lost and can seriously disadvantage your child. Please note that being late after registration will also adversely affect your child's attendance percentage.

Whilst we strive for punctuality to lessons we appreciate that emergency situations do arise, if this is the case and you are aware that your child will be late to school please contact the school office to discuss the situation.

Please help your child to be punctual. If you have any concerns regarding lateness to school or you would like to speak to someone regarding attendance please contact the Attendance Officer on 01843 864941 or email


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