We are going biometric

fingerprintronic 130pxDuring the course of this academic year we have been experiencing problems with our cashless catering and printing facilities. In addition, our student card system is becoming unreliable. Because of this we have decided to take the exciting step of moving to a new system using biometric information.
This system will be fully operational for cashless catering from Monday 29 April and for printing from September.


Stay connected

facebooktwitter swirl3 100pxWe offer access to several sources with the aim of keeping you up to date with the goings-on at Dane Court.
Finding the information you want can be time consuming and frustrating and we know from experience that it is impossible for one source to serve the needs of everyone.

Check here to see what we offer and choose the most convenient ways to get the information you need.


Sixth form students' grand day of sport

130317 sporrt tour 200pxOn Sunday 17 March some of the A level sports science class set off early from school to embark on a day of sport and the chance to put into practice the theory learnt in class. The day started with a visit to Lords to see the National Indoor Cricket finals. Mr white and Mr Towe both play for one of the four teams competing and although not in the starting six, both took part in the warm up. During the game a variety of psychological theories could be applied to the performers. With the match finishing we then took part in the Lords tour, engaging in a history lesson that captured the imagination with tales of the past.


Dane Court dresses up for Comic Relief

P1000617 200pxThere were some marvelous sights around the school on Friday 15 March 2013 as staff and students paid a donation towards the Comic Relief charity to wear fancy dress for the day.

We saw many genuinely imaginative creations; some made on (from?) a shoestring and others crafted with great care and not a little skill. All were worn with enormous pride and some not without discomfort.

We know we raised a lot of money; what with non-uniform donations, cake sales, sponsored silences, Harlem Shakes and many more.

The current total is £2135.34 with some sponsor money still to come. Well done everyone.


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