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Choose an anthem for Tallinn

music_is_lifeVery soon you will be helping to choose your house anthem. This will be an inspiring piece of music - with or without lyrics - which becomes the "signature tune" of Tallinn house. This piece of music needs to be inspiring, motivating, uplifting and definitely something that inspired huge amounts of enthusiasm, but ideally it should also tell people something about what Tallinn as a house represents.

I have mentioned this in a house assembly previously when I gave myinitial suggestion of "Eye of the tiger" by Survivor, as made famous by the film Rocky III. I suggested this song as not only does it reflect on our mascot, but the lyrics also talk about rising to the challenge, taking the chances presented to you, and persevering no matter what. I think that these are key values that we should all aim to embody. However, we want your ideas for house anthems too, so make sure you speak to any Tallinn house captains or staff with your ideas and let us know your suggestions and opinions.

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